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Please see the attached link for to sign up for Liturgy this Saturday's Liturgy for the Departed, and this Sunday's Liturgy.  Some people felt better about having a sign up, so I decided to continue doing so until there are no restrictions for our numbers.  As a friendly reminder, this of course means that if you're coming to Liturgy, don't forget to make sure you're signed up  =)
As we enter into the season of Great Lent, there will be two additional Saturday Liturgies where we remember and pray for the souls of all our departed loved ones.  As we all have loved ones that have departed this life before us, I strongly encourage you to join with us during these Saturday Liturgies to lift them up in prayer with the rest of The Church, that our Great God and Savior remember them when He comes being in His Kingdom, and that until that beautiful day He continues to grant them blessed rest while rendering their memories to be eternal.
-With Love in Christ
Fr. Brian

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