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"When the day of Pentecost had fully come..." (Acts 2:1).  Pentecost (Gk., fiftieth) is the great Feast 50 days after Pascha on which the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the faithful fulfilling their communion with the Resurrected Christ and each other in the Church.  The Holy Spirit manifested Himself as a loud rushing wind appearing as tongues of fire resting on the heads of the faithful enabling them to speak the Gospel in foreign languages, calling the peoples of the entire world to salvation in the crucified and risen Lord Jesus Christ.  "O Heavenly King, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, who are everywhere filling all things, come and abide in us and cleanse us from every impurity, and save our souls, O Good One."

With Feast of Pentecost we enter into "ordinary time."  We have experienced the road of Christ to the Cross and Resurrection.  All of Jesus' words and promises have been proven to be true, and we have life in His name.  We have been baptized into Christ in the name of the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and been sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.  We are nourished at the Table of Christ's Body and Blood.  The sub-text of this life - Christ is risen!  Indeed He is risen! - nowfinds joyful expression in these joyous words at the end of each Divine Liturgy: "We have seen the true Light!  We have received the heavenly Spirit!  We have found the true Faith!  Worshiping the undivided Trinity, who has saved us."

If you are interested in the Orthodox Faith, we welcome you to come and meet with us and pick up many interesting and informative pamplets that are available for you!  If you should have any questions please feel free to call me at the Church at (330) 372-3895.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fr. Jonathan

Weather Policy

During times of inclement weather, especially snow and ice, we do not cancel services scheduled at St. John's.  Use your best judgment as to whether or not you can travel from and to your home to attend.

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Fourth Annual Saint John's Fest

September 21, 2019, from 11 AM to 7 PM

Ethnic Foods & Homemade Sausage; Bake Sale; Live Entertainment ; Orthodox Vendors; Church Tours

Come and explore our Orthodox Faith and Church!