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Covid-19 Update

I spoke with our beloved Archbishop Paul, and he's given us a blessing to allow 60 people to attend our services with the following stipulations:
Social distancing of 6 feet between families MUST be maintained.  Please follow the markings to stagger how we're seated apart from each other in the pews, to space out how we approach the chalice and cross, and please make sure to leave every other pew empty (marked with a blue X on the side of the pew).
Hand Sanitizer must be used when entering the church and Masks are REQUIRED to be worn by everyone except for the choir and those serving in the Altar.  If you don't have a mask, don't worry!  We still have plenty available for you if you don't have one of your own to bring.
A reminder that if you're worried about contracting COVID-19, have a compromised immune system, or care for/live with someone with a compromised immune system you are blessed by his Eminence and the Holy Synod to remain home and be with us in spirit as we live-stream the services.
We are now able to have a coffee hour in the parking lot outside. Please main social distanceing and please keep your masks on.
We still ask that you approach the chalice with one of the paper towels provided to hold under your chin and that the paper towels be collected afterwards to be burned in all reverence.  Communion will still be provided with one spoon, but without us closing our mouths around it.  If  you're hesitant to approach the chalice and receive communion from the one spoon please see me after the Liturgy or call/e-mail me.  His Eminence has blessed me to hold a separate Typica service with the distribution of communion for those who strongly desire to receive it from an individual spoon or spoon dipped in hot water and Everclear.
While this isn't back to normal or how we desire things to be it is a big step in that direction.  I can't help but smile and cry out "GLORY TO GOD!!" at the thought of doubling our numbers.  At long last more than just a handful of us can come together! 
Fr Brian

Here is a link to our Church's You Tube Page! 

Watch Videos of our Services on Facebook! We are streaming our services live during these trying times.

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