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This week is the beginning of the Lenten Triodion, so called because the seasonal weekday Canons (longer hymns based on Biblical songs) contain three Odes (tri-odion).  The Lenten Triodion encompasses Pre-Lent (3 weeks), Great Lent (40 days), and Holy Week (the week before Pascha; this year April 19).  In other words, we have now entered that deliberate 10 week-long time of the year expounding and preparing for the Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The first stage of the Lenten Triodion, Pre-Lent, is three weeks long.  The first Sunday of Pre-Lent is that of the Publican and Pharisee (Lk. 18:10-14): humility is the gateway to salvation, but pride leads to destruction.  The second Sunday of Pre-Lent is that of the Prodigal Son (Lk. 15:11-32): a wasted life can be fully recovered through genuine repentance, but self-righteousness excludes one from the Kingdom of God.  The third Sunday of Pre-Lent, preceded the day before by the remembrance of all the Faithful Departed, is that of the Last Judgment (Matt. 25:31-46): those who show mercy, especially to the least for Christ's sake, inherit eternal life and escape eternal condemnation.  The fourth Sunday of Pre-Lent, the day before Great Lent, is that of the Expulsion of Adam from Paradise, or Forgiveness Sunday (Matt. 6:14-21): the forgiveness from God given to each person around us grants re-entry into Paradise.

Pre-Lent is also a season of graduated fasting in preparation for Great Lent.  The first week is fast-free because to be effective fasting must be voluntary and done without show.  The thrid week is meat-fare (lit., "farewell to meat") as we abstain from meat and meat products (including fish) until Pascha.  Forgiveness Sunday, the day before Lent, is cheese-fare (lit., "farewell to cheese"), the last dayuntil Pascha for eating cheese, milk, eggs, and other dairy products.  Fasting is essential for controlling fleshly lusts, but it must be done in faith according to one's ability.


If you are interested in the Orthodox Faith, we welcome you to come and meet with us and pick up many interesting and informative pamplets that are available for you!  If you should have any questions please feel free to call me at the Church at (330) 372-3895.

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Fr. Jonathan

Weather Policy

During times of inclement weather, especially snow and ice, we do not cancel services scheduled at St. John's.  Use your best judgment as to whether or not you can travel from and to your home to attend.

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2020 House Blessings

After the Feast of Theophany, throughout the month of January, the Priest visits the homes of Parish families for annual House Blessings.  See the weekly bulletin for the schedule of blessings.